Reviews of 'There' at the Philadelphia Fringe Festival 2019


“The music is absolutely ravishing, thanks to composer/director Alex Dowling and singer-musicians Liz Filios, Brenson Thomas, and Emma O’Halloran. Their sensuously processed harmonies excelled in the passage beginning, “What is here?: a place or an idea, a circle focused in God’s eye, a cosmic wave’s frozen frame, transient, doomed?” - John Timpane (Philadelphia Inquirer)

“For the next hour the actors and their accompanying musicians above on the catwalk move through the pared-down poem, alternating between vignettes with the onstage actors and music breaks with music director and sound designer Alex Dowling and his cohort of singers (Liz Filios, Emma O’Halloran, and Brenson Thomas) performing his electro-futuristic compositions. The haunting music pairs nicely with the visual landscape.” - Alix Rosenfeld (Broadstreet Review)

“Adnan's poem is a remarkable tapestry that probes the tensions between the individual and other people, other nations, and the earth itself. Composer and music director Alex Dowling has created an eerie and bracing soundtrack for the piece.” - Rebecca Rendell (Talkin’ Broadway)

“With its hefty subtitle, “In the Light and the Darkness of the Self and of the Other,” There is a rare bird: contemporary poetry on stage. Making rarefied language solid and visceral is Wilma’s HotHouse company, and the result is visually arresting and aurally haunting.” - Toby Zinman (Phindie)

Alex Dowling